Welcome to my forex journey. Here you will be able to see exactly what I am doing in the markets and you will witness me growing as a person and a trader. You will find various valuable content whether it is strategies or fresh psychology lessons that I can pass onto you from my own knowledge and experience.

I post 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Mondays is centred more around what I will be looking at during the week and some predictions for the markets whether I trade them or not.

Wednesdays will conist of psychology insights. everything that has passed my mindthroughout the week and the essentials that are required to be a consistently profitable trader

Saturday will be a weekly review of all the setups I had taken. All winners and losses will be shown and a review of wheter I took the ‘right’ setups.

These will be a minimum but there will be more content on individual strategies, tips and other information I can share.

Some of you might be experienced traders, complete newbies or dont even have a clue what trading is but this is a place for a realistic insight of what trading really is and not what it’s portraid as all over the media.