Weekly Review 20-24th May 2019

Getting a bit repetetive but I am slowly starting to see some unique benefits to this long drawdown. You know what I dont even know if it’s a drawdown anymore pr just a losing system as youre meant to come out of drawdowns but yea :d. So anyways here is this weeks results.

As you see a quiet week for me and just below break even. The FTB taken I ranked about a 4/10 and what do you know, it lost. I have realised that the quality of my setups themselves aren’t great and so far average about 5/10 over the last few weeks which is a bit of an eye opener. However as mentioned in the video below it might be a blessing in disguise as it almost forces me to try different ways and methods on the side while sticking to these set of rules. The other approaches I am trying are going to have their challenges and different psychology when it comes to live trading but I am still young so have time to try things out until something clicks for me. In case youre thinking system hopping. I wouldnt say so because I am still trading the same system and not thinking about dropping it yet at least, just side experiments and enhancements.

As this week was quiet and my predictions didnt have much on the radar, here is a review of my day trading I have been doing in the meantime. Quite a lengthy video but should be good. Enjoy.


Published by Lach Plays Trading

I'm a forex trader whos journey began January 2018 and has had its ups and downs but has taught me a lot about the markets and myself as a person. Documenting my journey and sharing my experiences for you to be able to learn from them and my prior mistakes. Fully transparent, not afraid to show losses or speak exactly what comes to my mind.

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