Targets vs Projections

This week is another tip which I feel like it can be quite valuable for you and at least open your mind up to the various possibilities within your trading and your target taking. It also does offer the opportunity to actually increase profits but does come with the drawback of it occuring less frequently in the markets.

For me where I take targets isn’t neccessarily where I think price will end up as I like to be conservative in and out the markets so I would take them off at any support/resistance level that actually stands in my way of these. Typically these will be minor levels of structure which by my philosophy on the market are levels that will provide opposing pressure but not enough for a full blown reversal in trend.

Here is a quick video explaining things in more depth and clarifying things up visually with a live chart example on the UsdChf.

Hope you enjoyed and found value and if you did, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and give any feeback or suggestions for any other videos.


Published by Lach Plays Trading

I'm a forex trader whos journey began January 2018 and has had its ups and downs but has taught me a lot about the markets and myself as a person. Documenting my journey and sharing my experiences for you to be able to learn from them and my prior mistakes. Fully transparent, not afraid to show losses or speak exactly what comes to my mind.

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