How To Review Trading Setups

This week we take a look into how I do my personal trade review in the hopes it gives you some ideas and things to look for yourself when doing it.

Reviewing my trades and predictions alongside random moves in the market has been something that has significantly boosted my confidence in the markets. Before Youtube I would be very inconsistent in how often I do them and to be honest because I was mainly trading patterns and FTB on only 4 pairs I just ended up doing pretty much the bare minimum and not much would really happen on a day to day basis.

I remember a couple of months back I would send my coach my reviews for some accountability on only these 4 pairs and through quite a few of them I felt like I was wasting his time if he actually watched all of them because I would look for very specific things and on my 4 pairs which didnt move too much it was just killing time in reality. However, like I said me doing Youtube has helped tonnes and made it much better and also helped by the fact I look at 16 pairs more and would end up checking them on a very regular basis.

So here is a quick Youtube video on how I review the day and what I look for each day.

Hope you enjoyed and found some value in there and can apply it in your day to day trading routine.


Published by Lach Plays Trading

I'm a forex trader whos journey began January 2018 and has had its ups and downs but has taught me a lot about the markets and myself as a person. Documenting my journey and sharing my experiences for you to be able to learn from them and my prior mistakes. Fully transparent, not afraid to show losses or speak exactly what comes to my mind.

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