About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Lachezar Velikov but I go around as just Lach. I am a relaxed, motivated and determined individual. I am 19 years old currently living in London. So how did my forex journey start?

Trading has been introduced to me by a close family friend years ago but I never took it seriously until i was at university. 3 months into uni I realised I dont really know what im doing here in a course I didn’t enjoy and getting a degree to be in a job. Nope that’s not me. Out of nothing something sparked that i’m really interested in trading and began going over countless youtube videos. It looked easy until I blew £50 very quickly and being stingy and a student £50 was a decent amount back then. With barely any money I decided to take a gable in my life and enrol into TierOneTrading.com as I instinctevly trusted the coaches there and their personality clicked with me. This being January 2018, I didn’t attend a single lecture or seminar in 2018 but commited all my time and efforts to trading. I wasnt going to go into a job so in a way its my only way out to where I want to be. I can openly say and theres evdence somewhere that I was one of the most commited if not THE most commited person on the platform which built me a good reputation with my coaches and the rest of the community. All of a sudden with no credentials I had a very positive influence over the rest of the community which was later awarded at a celebration event nearly a year onwards.

After months of hard work every day, July 1st is when i opened my live account funded with £500. I was aware of the fact that theres no way with that money I can make millions simply because I had realistic expectations. My systems and strategy werent complete and still arent and even after making a few mistakes in my first 6 months i managed to return 5.15% on my equity which even though I wanted more, in reality its quite good. I learnt a lot of valuable lessons which I believe can only realy be learnt through live trading and discovered more and more about myself as a person throughout this journey.

I began 2019 with a £2500 account which I aim to get credibility with for future investors so I can manage money or be confident enough to put out signals or any other route I can take with my skill of trading. I currently have more money in my trading account than in my personal account and even though its been a rough start to the year of 2019, I am confident in myself long term that I can turn it all around and become one of the top traders out there after some time.

So there it is. Thats me. Follow my journey and extract as much value as you can from my posts and experience. Enjoy!

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