Weekly Predictions and Ideas 8th July 2019

Welcome back to another weekly predictions. Quiet week in terms of news this week so we can begin to see some more 'natural' movement. In terms of technicals there is a few opportunities on the radar here and there but as mentioned before the markets are entering a consolidation stage. Euro is consolidating and has [...]

Weekly Review 1-5th July 2019

Quiet week this one mainly due to 4th July in USA and anticipation of NFP for friday which ended up causing some movement. For me I was involved in 4 trades of which of course won't do much good to my account so here is how it went. The Bat on the 4hr was very [...]

How I backtest

Today I discuss how I actually backtest and I will show you a live example doing so. I know everyone has their different tips and tricks and things they actually keep track of and so do I so as requested by someone on my youtube comments here is how I do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-0PucRMkZM&t=909s As you [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 1st July 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions. Back to normal today an I'm excited to start my day trading live from today which you can closesly follow on my youtube channel. So here is how my usual ruthless portfolio is looking. Starting off on the Euro on the Daily we are in between structures and [...]

Quarterly Review Q2 2019

Welcome to the quartelry review. Just before I start I will go over this week which pretty much sums up the year so far to be honest and I am getting more and more consious of some things. As you see not much to explain aside from an absolute slaughter all FTBs. So many of [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 24th June 2019

Welcome back to another set of weekly predictions. I realised only yesterday that I missed last weeks set which I thought I posted but just went over my head. This week there isnt too much on the radar for me as a lot of the pairs are going into a consolidation faze after some directional [...]

Weekly Review 17-21st June 2019

Welcome back to another weekly review and no surprise this week of what as happened but was a few things which we can take away from it as positives at least. So here is how it went. Starting off on the cypher bad trade, I missed my entry on friday by just lack of focus [...]

Grade Your Trades

Grading your trades is an idea I got from a book called the Daily Trading Coach and inspired me to actually take this approach in my own way. It is something I believe will hav a massive difference for me and seperate me from the rest in a few years time. Why? Because doing this [...]

Forex Weekly Review 10-15th June 2019

Another great week and this one was just a horrible one in all aspects. Without any more time wasting here is why. The week didn't start off great with the EurUsd TcT trade just stopping me out then carying to hit my target. Even though I extended my stop loss to get below the even [...]