Weekly Predictions and Ideas 20th May 2019

Welcome to another week of predictions for the week ahead and my portfolio is quiet as usual but still manages to lose me money this year it seems so theres that. So lets see what we have. Euro I have been predicting a retest of the green line for some time now and we are [...]

Weekly Review 13-17th May 2019

Another weekly review and I guess this is probably the reason why I am doing this blog, not only to try and provide value but for my actual journey because one day I can look back at this and see how I have evolved as a trader and person. So here is what happened As [...]

Swing Trading vs Day trading

This week I wanted to compare these 2 different types of trading. Since February I have been forward testing advnaced patterns on the 4hr and was meant to be TcT as well as Counter trend aswell. Also since the start of April I have been day trading the same 16 pairs using nothing but price [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 13th May 2019

Another week of predictions and today I have a potential opportunity on GbpJpy to take a deeper look into as well as my usual 4 pair portfolio. So lets get straight into the premarket. Starting on the EurUsd we are still in a bearish downtrend on the daily. We have been moving sideways this last [...]

Have you noticed this?

Welcome to another week of tips. Today I am going to show you something I had personally noticed in the markets through testing and just my experience throughout. It is to do with buying at support and selling at resistance but what makes an opportunity slightly better or worse than the other. You may or [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 6th May 2019

Welcome to another set of predictions. This week markets got really messed up over the weekend with many large gaps especially on the Aud and Jpy pairs. Makes the market look weird and it would probably be a very quiet week for me again. So lets get into the regular 4 pair portfolio. On the [...]

A Confidence Cheat Code

Welcome back to another midweek post. As always these are more psychology and experience related rather than analysis to help boost all aspects of your trading. Today I want to share with you something that has improved my confidence in my trading which I remember my coach touched up on but it is a tip [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas – 29th April 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions. As usual we will go over my 4 pair portfolio and make a few predictions on that as well as taking a look at AudJpy in depth today. So lets get straight to it. On the EurUsd we have a daily downtrend which has reached a level of [...]