Weekly Review 22-26th April 2019

Welcome back to another review of the week. For me this week was one which had loads of momvement that I wasn't able to capture per my rules and only had 2 trades in the end. So here is how it went. As you see the FTB caught a decent move. It again makes me [...]

How and why I treat it like a game.

As you may already know trading was introduced to me when I was young and the words to me were 'come let me teach you a game.' This has always stuck regardless of how serious I took forex many years ago. It is one principle which applies very well to me and I genuinly believe [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas – 22nd April 2019

Welcome back to the weekly predictions. Again we will start off looking at my portfolio and this time we will take an in depth look at UsdChf day trade opportunity I am keeping an eye on. So lets not wait too long and go right into it. Starting off on the Euro as always we [...]

Weekly Review 15-19th April 2019

Weclome to another one of my weekly reviews. This one was a busy week for me being involved in 6 trades but thankfully I still came up on top for the week. Lets not waste time and get straight into what happened this week. This week I took 2 trades on GbpAud trend continuation which [...]

Lets Build A Strategy

Alright guys this week, I've been a around a lot of strategy building conversations/questions and a few things of my own. Because of that I thought its only right I share my view on how to build one to suit your schedule and personality. So here is how it goes in a step by step [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 15th April 2019

This week we have got a few decent opportunities on the radar, looking at AudJpy and EurJpy as well as my usual 4 pair portfolio. The yen opportunities I think are particularly good compared to the ones in my portfolio but there is something I want to be involved at. So lets start of with [...]

Weekly Review 8-12th April 2019

Welcome to another weekly review. This week if you have been following me was a bit hectic the first 2/3 days due to some personal reasons. Even so I managed to be at the charts to execute things properly and not miss any opportunities. It has been another slightly frustrating week just because it feels [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 8th April 2019

Overall there hasn't been too much change in the markets but looking across the markets we do have a few opportunities here and there from the way I approach the market at least. Like always we will start off my 4 pair portfolio and then take a close in depth opportunity set up on NzdUsd [...]

Weekly Review 1-5th April 2019

This week felt very messy, only 4 opportunities but I just didnt feel in the zone and it felt like it was a long week. That is probably to do with loads of stuff to do with moving house and just having loads of things to do. I still stuck to my rules and didn't [...]