Your Trading Personality

This week we take a look into another very important concept which is underestimated. People always look for the best strategy time after time and it's strategy this and strategy that but dont realise the problem they have is themselves. This is because not every strategy suits you and that is critical. I've spent around [...]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 1st April 2019

Very quiet and dribbly markets this morning and I dont really have anything much on my radar this week either. I personally found when price 'dribbles' up or down it sort of continues until we hit an important level and currently we are in the middle of nowhere doing nothing on most pairs. So lets [...]

Weekly Review 25-29th March 2019

Last week of March rounded up a very good month for me results wise. Was very nice for my confidence going forward even though I still haven't reached new equity highs. It shows me that my goal for this year is still very doable and I have no reason to make any drastic changes to [...]

Backtesting and its importance.

Backtesting in my opinion is a very important aspect of trading which not many people know about simply because the process of it doesn't sell in the get rich quick schemes. So what is it? Backtesting is when you go back in time and record data per your rules to see if this particular strategy [...]