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Well trading is a game to me as you already know. Rather than keeping the fun to myself I have decided to create an engaging prediction game type. It has received positive reception on my social media so why not bring it here too. You get the chance to learn as you play the game and you will develop very good habbits if you do this for yourself.

How does it work?

I post a break of structure either on the 1hr or 4hr time frame. I will also post a Daily time frame perspective to help you with your prediction.

I then have drawn out various zones in which we can get a pullback to.

The aim of the game is to predict which one of the zones price action will come to before it retests the highs/lows again. Or will it retest it at all. All options are there for you to start building your discetion. In a way it is practicing my Trend Continuation strategy alongside me.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong. Every prediction you make be sure to add a reason to it as that will increase the information you retain from every scenarion.

This game will be posted on my Instagram accounts @lachfx17 and @lets_play_trading

Here is an example of one of the games posted and currently playing out as I had predicted which is a nice confidence booster even though I havent traded it.

So that would be the first stages of the game. Based on these 2 images or on your own analysis you make a prediction.

I would always post after the move has complete or failed and go over why it potentially did that. Also I would give you ways in which you could have gotten involved during the setup like shown down below for more educational purposes.

So there you have it. Thats a my way of helping you through the markets. You will see my opinions on which zone the retest will occur and my reasoning behind it from my experience in the markets.

If that sounds like something you want to take part in make sure you folllow my page and turn post notifications on so you dont miss out on the chance to play in real time. You can expect around 2 or 3 opportunities a week depending on what the markets gives us

Join the game
@lachfx17 and/or @lets_play_trading

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