How I backtest

Today I discuss how I actually backtest and I will show you a live example doing so. I know everyone has their different tips and tricks and things they actually keep track of and so do I so as requested by someone on my youtube comments here is how I do it. As you […]

Weekly Review 20-24th May 2019

Getting a bit repetetive but I am slowly starting to see some unique benefits to this long drawdown. You know what I dont even know if it’s a drawdown anymore pr just a losing system as youre meant to come out of drawdowns but yea :d. So anyways here is this weeks results. As you […]

Backtesting and its importance.

Backtesting in my opinion is a very important aspect of trading which not many people know about simply because the process of it doesn’t sell in the get rich quick schemes. So what is it? Backtesting is when you go back in time and record data per your rules to see if this particular strategy […]