Weekly Predictions and Ideas 15th July 2019

Welcome to another wek of predictions. Was a very busy day for me today and doing the individual images for the currency pairs jst wasnt on my mind. However as always I have the weekly preview ready for you and I will also put my day trading predictions aswell. Even though I can do the […]

Forex Weekly Review 10-15th June 2019

Another great week and this one was just a horrible one in all aspects. Without any more time wasting here is why. The week didn’t start off great with the EurUsd TcT trade just stopping me out then carying to hit my target. Even though I extended my stop loss to get below the even […]

Weekly Review 3-7th June 2019

Another week goes by in the market and if you havent sensed my boredom and frustration from my drawdown here it is. Is it even a drawdown anymore? I’m meant to go up from them right? Anyways here is how this week played out. 3 trades and pips wise you think oh just another break […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 3rd June 2019

Alright guys welcome to another week of predictions. This week in comparison to others has a bit more going on overall which you will see in the video posted a bit later. But for now lets start with the usual 4 pair porfolio. Staring of on the Euro, we seem to be putting in a […]

Weekly Review 27-31st May 2019

Alright guys welcome back to another review. This week was very quiet for me in all 3 aspects. My live account and the 2 I am forward testing. However I still had 2 setups to take and this is what happened. As you see I had 2 FTB signals which 1 was a nice winner […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 13th May 2019

Another week of predictions and today I have a potential opportunity on GbpJpy to take a deeper look into as well as my usual 4 pair portfolio. So lets get straight into the premarket. Starting on the EurUsd we are still in a bearish downtrend on the daily. We have been moving sideways this last […]

Weekly Review 22-26th April 2019

Welcome back to another review of the week. For me this week was one which had loads of momvement that I wasn’t able to capture per my rules and only had 2 trades in the end. So here is how it went. As you see the FTB caught a decent move. It again makes me […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas – 22nd April 2019

Welcome back to the weekly predictions. Again we will start off looking at my portfolio and this time we will take an in depth look at UsdChf day trade opportunity I am keeping an eye on. So lets not wait too long and go right into it. Starting off on the Euro as always we […]

Weekly Review 15-19th April 2019

Weclome to another one of my weekly reviews. This one was a busy week for me being involved in 6 trades but thankfully I still came up on top for the week. Lets not waste time and get straight into what happened this week. This week I took 2 trades on GbpAud trend continuation which […]

Lets Build A Strategy

Alright guys this week, I’ve been a around a lot of strategy building conversations/questions and a few things of my own. Because of that I thought its only right I share my view on how to build one to suit your schedule and personality. So here is how it goes in a step by step […]