Weekly Review 22-25th July 2019

A bit late this week and it just completely slipped my mind yesterday as I was focused on getting a load of backtesting done and got that started nice and early. Either way here is what happened this week. As you see a very busy week we had here with a total of 8 trades […]

Quarterly Review Q2 2019

Welcome to the quartelry review. Just before I start I will go over this week which pretty much sums up the year so far to be honest and I am getting more and more consious of some things. As you see not much to explain aside from an absolute slaughter all FTBs. So many of […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 24th June 2019

Welcome back to another set of weekly predictions. I realised only yesterday that I missed last weeks set which I thought I posted but just went over my head. This week there isnt too much on the radar for me as a lot of the pairs are going into a consolidation faze after some directional […]

Forex Weekly Review 10-15th June 2019

Another great week and this one was just a horrible one in all aspects. Without any more time wasting here is why. The week didn’t start off great with the EurUsd TcT trade just stopping me out then carying to hit my target. Even though I extended my stop loss to get below the even […]

Forex Weekly Predictions 10th June 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions with this week setting up to be a busy one with me already being in and out of a trade on the EurUsd. So lets get right into it. On the Euro we have had a break above resistance which makes me believe we can go higher in […]

Weekly Review 3-7th June 2019

Another week goes by in the market and if you havent sensed my boredom and frustration from my drawdown here it is. Is it even a drawdown anymore? I’m meant to go up from them right? Anyways here is how this week played out. 3 trades and pips wise you think oh just another break […]

Weekly Review 20-24th May 2019

Getting a bit repetetive but I am slowly starting to see some unique benefits to this long drawdown. You know what I dont even know if it’s a drawdown anymore pr just a losing system as youre meant to come out of drawdowns but yea :d. So anyways here is this weeks results. As you […]

Weekly Review 13-17th May 2019

Another weekly review and I guess this is probably the reason why I am doing this blog, not only to try and provide value but for my actual journey because one day I can look back at this and see how I have evolved as a trader and person. So here is what happened As […]