Selective Trading

Welcome to another week of tips/education. Today I want to go over a question I got and have seen people ask before. Can I trade my trend strategy in trending markets and then my consolidation strategy in consolidation. Well it works great in theory right you’re really optimising your performance. However the answer is no. […]

Developing Your Aggression

This week I want to share with you various methods in which you can develop your aggression in trading. Now this does not neccessarily mean becoming more aggressive. It could actually mean decreasing your aggression but there is a one thing that I think is most important on this topic. Find YOUR balance. You should […]

Grade Your Trades

Grading your trades is an idea I got from a book called the Daily Trading Coach and inspired me to actually take this approach in my own way. It is something I believe will hav a massive difference for me and seperate me from the rest in a few years time. Why? Because doing this […]

Weekly Review 3-7th June 2019

Another week goes by in the market and if you havent sensed my boredom and frustration from my drawdown here it is. Is it even a drawdown anymore? I’m meant to go up from them right? Anyways here is how this week played out. 3 trades and pips wise you think oh just another break […]

Rules and Fluidity with their Psychology

This week I want to go over something I have touched up on a few times before but I have a full video explaining it in real detail. As you know psychology is crucial and one of the things that you need to get to match your personality as close as possible is the fluidity […]

Finding My Approach

Being and still being in a drawdown for the last 5 months has been difficult. But as I slowly start to not care anymore and almost accept what it is and that I can’t do anything about it, it makes me think. Wait thats it. I can’t do anything about it is a feeling but […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas – 29th April 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions. As usual we will go over my 4 pair portfolio and make a few predictions on that as well as taking a look at AudJpy in depth today. So lets get straight to it. On the EurUsd we have a daily downtrend which has reached a level of […]

Weekly Review 15-19th April 2019

Weclome to another one of my weekly reviews. This one was a busy week for me being involved in 6 trades but thankfully I still came up on top for the week. Lets not waste time and get straight into what happened this week. This week I took 2 trades on GbpAud trend continuation which […]

Your Trading Personality

This week we take a look into another very important concept which is underestimated. People always look for the best strategy time after time and it’s strategy this and strategy that but dont realise the problem they have is themselves. This is because not every strategy suits you and that is critical. I’ve spent around […]