Weekly Predictions and Ideas 13th May 2019

Another week of predictions and today I have a potential opportunity on GbpJpy to take a deeper look into as well as my usual 4 pair portfolio. So lets get straight into the premarket. Starting on the EurUsd we are still in a bearish downtrend on the daily. We have been moving sideways this last […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas – 22nd April 2019

Welcome back to the weekly predictions. Again we will start off looking at my portfolio and this time we will take an in depth look at UsdChf day trade opportunity I am keeping an eye on. So lets not wait too long and go right into it. Starting off on the Euro as always we […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 1st April 2019

Very quiet and dribbly markets this morning and I dont really have anything much on my radar this week either. I personally found when price ‘dribbles’ up or down it sort of continues until we hit an important level and currently we are in the middle of nowhere doing nothing on most pairs. So lets […]