Forex Weekly Predictions 10th June 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions with this week setting up to be a busy one with me already being in and out of a trade on the EurUsd. So lets get right into it. On the Euro we have had a break above resistance which makes me believe we can go higher in […]

Weekly Review 20-24th May 2019

Getting a bit repetetive but I am slowly starting to see some unique benefits to this long drawdown. You know what I dont even know if it’s a drawdown anymore pr just a losing system as youre meant to come out of drawdowns but yea :d. So anyways here is this weeks results. As you […]

Swing Trading vs Day trading

This week I wanted to compare these 2 different types of trading. Since February I have been forward testing advnaced patterns on the 4hr and was meant to be TcT as well as Counter trend aswell. Also since the start of April I have been day trading the same 16 pairs using nothing but price […]

Weekly Review 8-12th April 2019

Welcome to another weekly review. This week if you have been following me was a bit hectic the first 2/3 days due to some personal reasons. Even so I managed to be at the charts to execute things properly and not miss any opportunities. It has been another slightly frustrating week just because it feels […]