Weekly Predictions and Ideas 22nd July 2019

Welcome to another set of predictions, again I have left this a bit late but I have actually executed a trade from this week’s predictions so I will go in depth on that. But first here is a an overview of what is going on in the markets and in depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncI2l9coE1A As you see […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 15th July 2019

Welcome to another wek of predictions. Was a very busy day for me today and doing the individual images for the currency pairs jst wasnt on my mind. However as always I have the weekly preview ready for you and I will also put my day trading predictions aswell. Even though I can do the […]

Forex Weekly Predictions 10th June 2019

Welcome back to another week of predictions with this week setting up to be a busy one with me already being in and out of a trade on the EurUsd. So lets get right into it. On the Euro we have had a break above resistance which makes me believe we can go higher in […]

Targets vs Projections

This week is another tip which I feel like it can be quite valuable for you and at least open your mind up to the various possibilities within your trading and your target taking. It also does offer the opportunity to actually increase profits but does come with the drawback of it occuring less frequently […]

Weekly Predictions and Ideas 13th May 2019

Another week of predictions and today I have a potential opportunity on GbpJpy to take a deeper look into as well as my usual 4 pair portfolio. So lets get straight into the premarket. Starting on the EurUsd we are still in a bearish downtrend on the daily. We have been moving sideways this last […]

A Confidence Cheat Code

Welcome back to another midweek post. As always these are more psychology and experience related rather than analysis to help boost all aspects of your trading. Today I want to share with you something that has improved my confidence in my trading which I remember my coach touched up on but it is a tip […]

Weekly Review 22-26th April 2019

Welcome back to another review of the week. For me this week was one which had loads of momvement that I wasn’t able to capture per my rules and only had 2 trades in the end. So here is how it went. As you see the FTB caught a decent move. It again makes me […]

How and why I treat it like a game.

As you may already know trading was introduced to me when I was young and the words to me were ‘come let me teach you a game.’ This has always stuck regardless of how serious I took forex many years ago. It is one principle which applies very well to me and I genuinly believe […]