Weekly Review 22-25th July 2019

A bit late this week and it just completely slipped my mind yesterday as I was focused on getting a load of backtesting done and got that started nice and early. Either way here is what happened this week. As you see a very busy week we had here with a total of 8 trades […]

How To Review Trading Setups

This week we take a look into how I do my personal trade review in the hopes it gives you some ideas and things to look for yourself when doing it. Reviewing my trades and predictions alongside random moves in the market has been something that has significantly boosted my confidence in the markets. Before […]

Weekly Review 15-19th July 2019

Interesting week in the markets this week and a bit of mixed feelings about the results but something I will adjust to and accept soon I guess. So here is how this week went. As you see I cant complain in terms of outcomes as I just bagged 3 very nice winners and a nice […]

Weekly Review 8-13th July 2019

Welcome back to another review. This one comes a day late but completely slipped my mind yesterday so here it is. As you see both FTBs again and not too great. The first setup was something I actually really liked in terms of location and formation but was unfortunate to be stopped on trail. The […]

Weekly Review 3-7th June 2019

Another week goes by in the market and if you havent sensed my boredom and frustration from my drawdown here it is. Is it even a drawdown anymore? I’m meant to go up from them right? Anyways here is how this week played out. 3 trades and pips wise you think oh just another break […]

Weekly Review 27-31st May 2019

Alright guys welcome back to another review. This week was very quiet for me in all 3 aspects. My live account and the 2 I am forward testing. However I still had 2 setups to take and this is what happened. As you see I had 2 FTB signals which 1 was a nice winner […]

Weekly Review 20-24th May 2019

Getting a bit repetetive but I am slowly starting to see some unique benefits to this long drawdown. You know what I dont even know if it’s a drawdown anymore pr just a losing system as youre meant to come out of drawdowns but yea :d. So anyways here is this weeks results. As you […]

Swing Trading vs Day trading

This week I wanted to compare these 2 different types of trading. Since February I have been forward testing advnaced patterns on the 4hr and was meant to be TcT as well as Counter trend aswell. Also since the start of April I have been day trading the same 16 pairs using nothing but price […]

Weekly Review 29-3rd May 2019

This week was a first for me as I literally didn’t have any setups that meet my rules. However there was a particular scenario on a cypher pattern which ended up discovering a little grey area in my rules which put me in doubt. As my coaches say, if in doubt stay out. So I […]

Weekly Review 22-26th April 2019

Welcome back to another review of the week. For me this week was one which had loads of momvement that I wasn’t able to capture per my rules and only had 2 trades in the end. So here is how it went. As you see the FTB caught a decent move. It again makes me […]